Do I Need A Covid Test To Fly United Airlines

Do I Need A Covid Test To Fly United Airlines

  • 08/09/2022

Does United Airlines Require Covid Test

A United Airlines passenger can now get a COVID-19 test done at the airport itself! * Whether you're flying somewhere that requires a negative test, or just want to know you're doing your part to keep everyone safe, our partnership with XpresCheck makes testing easy.

United Airlines Covid Rules & Regulations

  • If you need to undergo a COVID-19 test, you can simply use our online system to schedule a test at XpresCheck. You should not have your COVID-19 test done more than 72 hours before the departure of your flight.
  • If your COVID-19 test is negative, XpresCheck will put your test result reporting form into the patient portal with your results.  
  • If your COVID-19 test is positive, you will not be able to travel on United for at least 10 days after the date you test positive and only after you have had two consecutive negative COVID-19 results. were administered at least 24 hours apart. You will need to call 1-800-864-8331 to rebook your trip.

How to get a COVID-19 test for travel

  • If you do need to have a COVID-19 test, you can easily. Many airlines make it easy to find a test before travel, as more destinations require proof of a negative result upon arrival or even before you board.
  • If you want, you can get a test done anywhere outside the airline. Many drug stores, urgent care facilities and hospitals offer coronavirus testing, and in many cases, it comes free of charge. You can save a lot of money by coordinating your own tests, especially if you are traveling in groups. However, if you schedule your COVID-19 test, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

Check age requirements

  • If you are traveling with a child booked on United Airlines, children may be exempt from the COVID-19 test for travel. You will want to confirm the minimum age required to take a test.

Make sure that your destination approves the test.

You'll want to make sure your destination accepts the specific test you're taking – otherwise, you may have to take another test or even face a mandatory quarantine. As such, many destination antibody tests are not accepted as official tests.

Confirm travel restrictions

Some destinations have never allowed passengers to come without a COVID-19 test. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result is sufficient for entry into the state or country you are visiting.

Schedule your appointment as soon as possible

While the trial options are certainly not as limited as before, the slots will remain limited. Therefore, when you plan your travel or book tickets, you should schedule your appointment.

For the most accurate information, check with the tourism board and any official government resources from your destination to obtain a COVID-19 test for travel


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