Does Frontier charge for carry-on bags

Does Frontier charge for carry-on bags

  • 19/09/2022

What Baggage Does Frontier Allow For Free

Frontier Airlines is a passenger-friendly airline. To cover for the low fees it charges during flight booking this airline has got a great baggage policy to get a source of income from that method. So, you might be wondering does Frontier charges for carry-on bags. You need not take stress thinking about this thing as we have got you covered in this post. Read the post properly to understand in detail everything regarding the baggage policy of this airline.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Every airline has its policy about every small and big thing. Similarly, you can see that this airline has got a reasonable baggage policy in place. This policy has got some main points in a very simple manner so that passengers can always understand it easily. So, the main points of Frontier Airline Baggage policy are:

  • If your carry-on bag is fitting the size parameter of this airline, then you can always carry that bag without paying any baggage fee.1 (602) 333-5925
  • For carry-on bags, the charges are usually around 60 USD if you book online, but if you wait till reaching the airport then you have to 79 USD. It becomes 89 USD if that luggage is checked and processed when you have reached the boarding gate.
  • The size of the carry-on bag should not be more than 35 to be considered as a free item.

Frontier Airlines baggage allowance policy is very strict which is why you need to know the basic points of the baggage policy of this airline. We know that Frontier Airlines is an ultra-low-cost airline that is operating to serve the passengers travel via the air without burning their pockets at all and baggage fee becomes a great option for this airline.

How many bags are free with Frontier?

Are you wondering how many bags are free with Frontier? As per the baggage policy of this airline, it does not matter which type of ticket you booked, you will get one bag free with you. That bag is considered as the person carrying the item of the passenger. According to the detail provided in the baggage policy of this airline, anything that you can easily keep underneath the seat that is in front of your seat can be considered as the personal bag of the passenger. So, always be sure of this thing that you do not carry a big bag in the name of a personal item.

What size bag is free with Frontier?

Are you in a dilemma and do not understand what size bag is free with Frontier? Then this part has got your back. A carry-on bag that you take with you while traveling by a flight of this airline, should not be crossing 24 inches in length, 16 inches in breadth, and 10 inches in height. Just keep in mind these specifications if you want to avoid paying a luggage fee to this airline. If you have any further queries then you should get in touch by calling the helpline number of this airline.


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