LOT Polish Airlines Baggage and Carry-on Policy


Does LOT Airlines Charge For Baggage

LOT Airlines is an airline that has been operating since 1928. This airline which started flying in 1928 has got a great flight size of around 100 aircraft. It covers more than 120 destinations with these flights covering Europe, North America, and Asia. This airline has got great flexible policies in place and that includes the baggage policy of this airline.

If you have questions like “Does LOT Airlines charge for baggage?” in mind then this post is the one you should go through.  Well answer to this question is yes only when you carry excess baggage. For domestic travel in Poland or for international travel all over the world, this airline should be one of the most preferred airlines for the passengers.

How much can a carry-on weight LOT Airlines?

In case you are wondering how much can a carry-on weight LOT Airlines allows then you should know it depends on the type of ticket.

  • For economy saver, economy class, and premium economy international tickets you are allowed to carry only 1 carry-on bag.
  • For premium economy intercontinental, and business class you are allowed to carry 2 carry-on bags.

How Much Is Baggage On Polish Airlines

If you are wondering how much is baggage on Polish Airlines then you should know that of the limits of the baggage allowed on this airline you can carry baggage for free. If you are carrying excess baggage then the situation can be different. If your baggage includes musical instruments or sports equipment then you get an extra weight to carry according to the flexible baggage policy of this amazing airline. It shows that this airline encourages sports and music very much, without any doubt at all.

LOT Excess Baggage Policy

According to the excess baggage policy of this airline, it is very simple and easy to buy extra space for your excess baggage with this airline. One additional luggage piece can cost you around 55 USD to 380 USD. The cost depends on the flight route and the size of your bag. You need to purchase this baggage space at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight you have booked as per the LOT excess baggage policy. Just keep the costs in mind before purchasing the space so that you never stay confused.

LOT Polish Baggage Policy

LOT Polish baggage policy is very simple. It dwells mostly on the baggage allowance of this airline. The major points you need to keep in mind are:

  • If you are a flex economy or standard ticket buyer then you can carry a bag of fewer than 23 kgs. You can carry only one bag but if the journey is to a different continent then you can carry two bags but the total weight in this case also should not cross 23 kgs.
  • As a premium economy ticket buyer, you can carry two bags and it should not cross 23 kgs.
  • If you are traveling by business class you can carry two bags not crossing 32 kgs in total.

LOT Polish baggage allowance is really good when you compare it with other affordable airlines. If you still have queries then connect with the customer care team.


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