Does United Airlines Allow Name Changes

Does United Airlines Allow Name Changes

  • 28/06/2022

How Do I Change My Name On United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the airlines that serve millions of passengers regularly. It has a huge reputation as a passenger carrying airline all over the world. This airline has got exceptional quality when it comes to serve the passengers irrespective of them travelling in business class or in economical class of a flight of this airline. You never need to worry about anything at all if you are planning to fly somewhere via a flight of this airline. This airline has always got every single small and big thing covered easily. From name correction to in-flight requirements you can avail all the benefits from this airline thanks to it being flexible while serving the passengers. Can I change the name on a United Airlines ticket, if you are thinking this then you do not need to worry at all, it is covered here.

United Airlines Name Change Policy

If you have any errors in your name and you want to change the name that is mentioned in the flight ticket of this airline, then you must know about the United Airlines name change policy. This airline allows a minor name correction in the flight ticket and it checks that it matches your passport, government ID or other such proofs. So, your name should appear same as it appears on your ID proof you have provided to this airline while booking the flight ticket with this airline. You have to know all these tits and bits before going for name change works with this airline. You must make sure that you are not changing the name to pass your flight ticket to another passenger as this is not something that would be allowed by this airline.

United Airlines Criteria for Name Change

There are a few criteria that you must meet if you want to opt for name change with this airline after you have misspelled your name while booking flight ticket with this airline. United name correction policy has some easy criteria. The criteria you must meet are:

  • The flights operation must be done by this airline only.
  • In case there is internal agreement flight with another airline, then this airline only allows name correction request that is of its flight only, other part it cannot assure.
  • Only once the flight ticket can be reissued in the case of name correction with this airline.
  • Minor name change is permitted only when the name is exactly the same as it appears with the identification card provided by the government.
  • Changing date of birth is also related with the name change policy of this airline.
  • Changes related to flight date, time or anything else is not permitted in this policy.
  • The gender and date of birth of the passenger cannot be changed while you are preferring to change the passenger name on the flight ticket.

 United Airlines Name Change Fee

There is a certain fee you need to pay while you are looking for name correction with this airline.

  • If the name change is done within 24 hours of buying the flight ticket then the name correction fee is only 75 USD.
  • If it is beyond 24 hours and 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight then the fee of 200 USD is levied per passenger for name change.
  • If only 2 hours is left for the scheduled departure of the flight then no name correction is allowed.

These are few points which you should know while going for name change if you have some name correction you need to do. Meeting these criteria will help you smoothen the name change process with ease. This part has answered your how much does it cost to change name on United Airlines.

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