How To Change Date With Rex Airlines


How Do I Change My Rex Booking

Rex Airlines is very popular in the Australian continent. It is one of the largest airlines in Australia when it comes to domestic transportation of the passengers. This airline has got everything in place to support the passengers.

In case you are wondering how do I change my Rex booking then there are a few steps that you need to follow to complete the modification of the flight ticket of this airline. The steps you need to follow are:

Steps To Change Rex Airlines Flight

  • Open your preferred browser and then visit the official website of this airline.
  • After visiting the website, you can go to the “Manage booking” section of this airline, by finding the “Manage booking” option at the top of the homepage and clicking on that or Call (011 61 2 6393 5550) for more info.
  • As soon as the “Manage booking” section is opened you can enter the last name of the passenger and the booking code to check the flight booking.
  • Now you can edit the details of the travel and reschedule the flight booking according to your requirements by adding new travelling date.
  • Once you have entered the new date you can move forward and pay the flight change fee to complete the modification process.

It is not just the date modification, you can also modify ticket to get other things done like adding special meals. You do not need to worry about Rex Airlines date change policy while following the steps given above because this airline has got quite flexible date change policy.

Rex Airlines Flight Change Policy

Rex Airlines flight change policy is quite simple. You need to keep a few points in mind regarding this policy. The points you should keep in mind are:

  • In case you are changing the date because of medical issues then you do not need to pay any flight change fee by showing medical proofs.
  • Flight change is allowed but it depends on availability factor.

Rex Airlines Flight Change Fee

Rex Airlines flight change fee is not heavy unlike many other airlines. In case you are changing the flight booking within 24 hours of booking the flight then you do not need to pay any flight change fee. Changing flight due to medical emergency can also help you to avoid flight change fee. The usual cost of changing flight is 33 USD. This airline is always amazing when it comes to flight change fee as it charges very less usually.

Rex Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Name correction is allowed and you need to pay the name change fee accordingly.
  • If you are doing name correction within 24 hours of booking the flight tickets then it is totally free.
  • Changing name to pass the flight ticket to another passenger is not allowed.
  • In case the name is changed then you have to provide the required documents to change the name.

Rex Airlines name change policy is highly appreciable. It is developed by keeping the requirements of the passengers in the mind. This airline is preferred because of these types of policies.


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