How To contact Hainan Airlines

How To contact Hainan Airlines

  • 25/08/2022

How Do I Contact Hainan Airlines

Passengers can always get in touch with this airline in many ways. They can choose the way they prefer. Doing flight ticket booking by reaching out to the customer care agents of this airline is not hard. If you are looking for getting reliable support then the communication ways given in this article can be helpful to you in case you are wondering how do I contact Hainan Airlines.

Get in touch with customer care of Hainan Airlines via helpline number

  • Just go to the official website of this airline via the browser of your choice.
  • Then select the contact us option that you will find on the homepage of this website.
  • Then dial the phone number 1 (888) 688-8813 available there to get in touch with the customer support team of this airline.
  • After some time you would be connected with the customer support agent of this airline over the call and then the person will hear your query. After hearing your query, the customer support representative would give you a proper solution.

This is the best way for the passengers who prefer quick solutions to their issues. Get in touch with Hainan Airlines live person via phone call to solve the issues in no time. It is a traditional method that many passengers prefer because the to and fro conversation is fast via this method.

Contact via Hainan Airlines live chat

Contacting via live chat with this airline is not hard at all and it is a great method to connect with the customer support representatives of this airline for a quick solution if you never prefer to have a voice call. You just need to start the chat by typing your message in the box provided when you click on the chat option. Hainan Airlines live chat option is available for you 24x7 which is why you do not need to worry about anything.

Connect via the email address of Hainan Airlines

You can easily draft a mail and drop it by having the official email address of the customer care team of this airline. The customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible within 48 hours. According to the type of your query, you will get an email addressing your concern from the specific customer support department of this airline.

Talk with Hainan Airlines via social media handles

You can always prefer this method if you are regularly using social media platforms in your daily life. This way you can talk with the customer support team and they can guide you with the proper solution. You just need to make sure that you get the official social media accounts of this airline before starting to talk with the customer support team of this airline via the social media platforms. This way is preferred by many passengers as all love to use social media platforms for a long time every single day without any doubt. Sometimes just having Hainan Airlines contact number cannot help you to ease your tension regarding this airline, that is when social media comes handy.


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