How Do I Reserve My Seat On Etihad


How Do I Select My Seat On Etihad?

Etihad is an airline that needs no introduction at all. It is a premium airline that is serving passengers for quite a few decades with some remarkable achievements. This airline has always given a very high priority to its passengers and that is why all its processes including the seat reservation are very smooth. In case you are wondering how do I reserve my seat on Etihad then you have arrived at the perfect post.

Steps to reserve a seat on Etihad

  • Visit the “Manage booking” section of the website of this airline.
  • Then provide the booking reference number along with your surname to log in and get access to booked flights.
  • Then choose the flight for which you want to do seat selection and then choose the seat selection option.
  • Choose the seat you want and then pay the required amount to complete the process.

Etihad seat selection policy

Etihad seat selection policy is pretty simple that is why you do not need to panic at all. In case you are looking to understand about the seat selection policy of this airline in a proper way then you should go through the points that are given below to give you a clear understanding of this policy.

  • In case you are canceling the flight booking within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket you are not required to pay any fee for selecting the seat. In case you have already paid it will be refunded to you in the original payment method.
  • In case you have crossed the free time zone that is within 24 hours of booking the air ticket then you need to pay a fee for selecting the seats.
  • The payment for seat selection depends on the segment of the flight and the type of seat you choose. It depends on the class of the seats usually.

These are the three major points that you should not miss at all.

Do you have to pay to select seats on Etihad?

Are you have questions like “Do you have to pay to select seats on Etihad?” in your mind? To be honest, yes this airline charges for selecting seats. The seat selection can vary from 10 USD to 30 USD depending on the type and class of the seat along with the segment of the flight by which you are traveling. So, be alert while choosing the seats by keeping the budget in mind always.

Can you select seats on Etihad for free?

If you are having queries like “Can you select seats on Etihad for free?” in your mind? Well, then this section has got you covered properly. You can always choose the seat you prefer for free. Are you wondering if is there any catch out here? Well, the catch is very simple you need to choose your preferred seat within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket to select a seat free of cost. This period is called the free time zone.


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