How Do I Speak To Qantas


How Do I Speak To Someone At Qantas

You can choose any of the ways mentioned below to contact customer service. Each communication channel has some advantage over the other. For example, a phone call is the fastest way of communication, and live chat allows you to save the chat log.

Contact Qantas Live Person via Phone Call

If you'd like to speak with a Qantas supervisor, call the Qantas Airways phone number at 1 800 227 4500 in the USA or 1800 177 474 in Australia for 24/7 expert support. But it would be a very good step for you to get to know the IVR menu that you will hear when you call a live person in Qantas.

  Qantas Airways IVR Menu,

  • You have to press 1 to get information about existing bookings.
  • To make a complaint or give feedback, you need to press 2.
  • Click on 3 and you will get a refund from Qantas Airways. You can also find information on baggage policy.
  • Finally, you have to press 5 to connect with Qantas Airways live representative.

Qantas Live Chat

Go through the following steps to connect with Qantas Airlines. A great advantage of live chat is that you can save the chat transcript at the end of the conversation. Once you save the transcript, you can always refer back to the previous discussion 

  • You will need to access the official Qantas Airlines website. 
  • In the upper right corner of the page, you will see the "Help" option.
  • A drop-down menu will then appear. 
  • Select the "Help and Support" button In the lower right corner of the page, you will see the chat icon.
  • Select the icon and you will see some options for your questions in the chat box that appears on the screen. 
  • Now you can connect with the execute

Can I get a call back from Qantas?

You do not have to wait long and be on hold, because there are many ways passengers can get a callback from the airline qanats and get help with their reservation, cancellation and refund. Here you can learn how to ask the airline for a callback: 

  • Passengers can send a direct message on any of Qantas Airline's official social media handles to get a callback from the management. The support team can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. The direct links to these official social accounts can be found on the website.
  •  and you can request a callback through the chat feature. The live chat agents are active throughout the day.
  • passengers can call the airlines and follow the corresponding IVR options to get a callback from an agent. The official number is toll-free and is provided on the Qantas airline website. 
  • At the same time, you can fill the feedback form to get a callback from Qantas Airlines executives.

How long is the wait time for Qantas?

Suppose customers have questions about their check-in or reservation. Qantas believes in putting the customer first, just as they believe in putting their customers first. If you are a Qantas customer, the average Qantas wait time is 39 minutes (sometimes it's more than 50 minutes), which means you can quickly get the services you need from Qantas Airlines. When you request the callback, you can quickly get the benefits via Qantas Live Person you want from them, and they put their best efforts to get the services you want from them.


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