How Many Kg Baggage Is Allowed In Kuwait Airways


Kuwait Airways Baggage Allowance

If a booking has been made with Kuwait Airways, travelers will definitely travel with the baggage allowance provided by the airlines. A certain amount of luggage is allowed to travelers. The weight of the luggage should be in accordance with the tickets booked by the travelers. 

How many carry on bags allowed Kuwait Airways?

Here is the baggage allowance that Kuwait Airlines gives to its travelers.

 For budget travelers: 

  • If travelers have booked an economy class ticket, carry-on luggage should not weigh more than 6 kg. For checked baggage, travelers can carry a maximum weight of 30 kg. For business class or first class travelers:
  •  Carry-on baggage for business or first class travelers may not exceed 9 kg. For checked baggage, 40 kg per bag is allowed.

Kuwait Airways Baggage Policy

Nowhere will you get information about Kuwait Airways baggage policies 1-201-582-9200 and allowances that will help you to know about baggage allowance, weight and much more. For this, it is necessary to track down the following baggage policies.

  • According to the baggage guidelines, a traveler can carry 10 kg of 1 bag at a time.
  • If a passenger is a member of the Kuwait Silver program, the airline allows 23 kg of luggage with two items on a Kuwait flight.
  • Initially, only one piece of checked baggage is allowed, which usually weighs seven kilograms. If you take more than that, you will have to pay per kilogram of luggage.
  • Excess baggage fees apply if your bag is larger than 62 inches. Excess baggage fees are based on the type of rate, destination and whether you are a member of the Kuwaiti military 
  • You should also know that you can pay for excess baggage fees at the airport in advance, but only if you are traveling with Kuwait Airways.
  • As Kuwait luggage, you can take a handbag, a briefcase, an umbrella, a laptop or even a coat. You need to take a piece of one of them.
  • You can even take a handbag if you are traveling for business or pleasure. Kuwait Airways also allows you to take an item that weighs more than 20 pounds.

What is the Kuwait Airways extra baggage fee per kg?

Travelers may carry extra baggage for which Kuwait Airlines will charge additional fees. Travelers will inquire about the fees and charges for excess baggage:

Baggage charges are structured accordingly by the airline. The fee structure is listed in the following section:

Kuwait Airlines Extra Baggage Fees:

  • If the travelers' luggage weighs more than 32 kg, it will cost them about $50 per bag.
  • For baggage weighing more than 32 to 64 kg, Kuwait Airlines charges around $200 per bag.
  • Certain limits apply to carrying excess baggage, depending on the flight ticket booked.
  • Economy class passengers are not allowed to carry more than 32 kg.
  • In first class and business class, they are allowed to take a maximum of 64 kg.

How many kilos of luggage are allowed on Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways allows 10 kilos of luggage with the dimensions of 115 and 45 inches. So, if you are thinking about how many kilos of luggage is allowed on Kuwait Airways? Then you will see it here. So, the weight of your luggage is an important factor when you fly on Kuwait Airways. A passenger is allowed only 10 kg and one piece of luggage on Kuwait Airways. If you are a Silver member, you can also take 23 kilograms of free baggage. These guidelines may vary depending on your destination. When booking your flight, make sure to check in early to get the best seats available.


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