How To Change Name In Saudi Airlines


How Can I Change My Name In Saudi Airlines Ticket

Saudi Airlines is one of the top airlines from the Middle-East countries. It is the flag carrier airline of Saudi Arabia. It sets its standard very high by giving its passengers high quality, secure and comfortable air travel experience. Still, there are some issues like name errors that can give a headache to a passenger. If you are one of them and wondering how can I change my name on a Saudi Airlines ticket then this post is just for you.

Steps To Change The Name In Saudi Airlines Ticket

  • Visit the official website of this airline and then go straight to the “Manage Booking” section to get your flight details.
  • Then type your last name and flight booking number to get flight details to do changes you want including a name change.
  • Then pay the required fee to complete the process.

Saudi Airlines Name Change Policy

Saudi Airlines name change policy is very simple. As an airline, this airline is always passenger-friendly. That is why it has got flexible policies in place. You just need to know this policy so that things are pretty easy for you. There are some important points that you should note, they are:

  • Changing the name within 24 hours of booking the flight ensures that you do not have to pay any fee.
  • You can do minor changes but in case you want to change your surname then you have to show the required documents.
  • You can change the name till an hour before the scheduled departure of the flight you had booked.

Saudi Airlines Name Change Fee

You should have in your mind that this airline asks for a name change fee if you are looking to change the name on your flight ticket. Saudi Airline name change fee depends on the type of fare a passenger has preferred to book. Usually, if there is any minor change then this airline does not ask for any fee. If you are opting for a major change then you should have documents with you and you would require to pay the fee depending on the flight ticket type.


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