How To Change Name On Emirates


How Do I Change My Name On Emirates

Emirates is a top-class airline and it has got a great robust name correction policy in place. If you are a passenger of this airline who needs to do any name correction then this post is just for you. You do not need to worry thinking about how do I change my name on Emirates at all. If your name is misspelled you just need to put a request with the customer support team of this airline before the departure of the flight to get things done smoothly for you.

Do Emirates Allow Name Changes

Are you stressed thinking do Emirates allow name changes? You need to stay free of all the stress because Emirates allows name changes in case there is any spelling mistake in your name after the ticket booking is done. Just make sure that you get in touch with the customer support department to get your issues solved before the departure of the flight you have booked.

How Much Is A Name Change On An Emirates Flight

If you are wondering how much a name change on an Emirates flight is then you do not need to have any headache regarding it as we have covered about it in this section. The costs depend on the countries. Go through the points given below to understand.

  • In all the countries except the UK, Brazil, and India you would need to pay 30 USD as the name change fee.
  • In Brazil if your travel origin is Brazil or if the place from where you bought the flight ticket is Brazil, then you do not need to pay any name change fee.
  • In India, you do not need to pay a fee if you are buying a flight ticket from India.
  • In the UK you need to pay GBP 10 if you have booked your flight from the official website of Emirates. If you have booked a flight ticket from other third-party websites then you need to pay GBP 20.

These are the basic name change fee you need to pay if you are doing name changes with this airline. You should not confuse Emirates flight change policy with its name change policy.

Emirates Name Change Policy

There are some points of the name change policy of this airline that you need to note. The points are:

  • If you have changed your name legally due to your marriage or some other reason you can easily change the name by providing the required legal documents.
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to someone by changing the name that is there on your ticket.
  • There might be requirements for more documents if asked by the airline as evidence in some of the name change cases.

Emirates name change policy is very simple and suitable for passengers all around the world. You do not need to worry about anything as this airline has got top-quality customer support engineers to support the passengers of this airline very smoothly. You will always love the support facility of this airline.


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