What Happens If Turkish Airlines Flight Missed


What Happens If You Miss Your Turkish Airlines Flight

Turkish Airlines is a major airline that has got its main hub in Turkey. This airline has been serving the passengers for quite a time already by giving the passengers a high level of satisfaction. If you are wondering what happens if you miss your Turkish Airlines flight then you do not need to worry at all as you are in the right post. In case you are having stress then just call the customer support team of this airline to give you a proper guide or else you can go through the missed flight policy of this airline to get a proper idea. This airline is very flexible which is why it has got a very simple missed flight policy for the passengers.

Turkish Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Turkish Airlines missed flight policy is very simple and understandable for the passengers, some points are there in the policy that we are going to mention below so that you know them. The points are:

  • In case you missed the flight of this airline because of the delay in the security check that was happening at the airport then this airline understands your issue and offers compensation. You can also reschedule the flight booking in the such case easily.
  • If you do not reach the airport in time and miss the flight then this airline does not provide any compensation at all. You cannot also get your flight booking rescheduled in this case.
  • In case you tested covid positive on the day of your journey due to which you are missing the flight then you can provide a medical certificate to get full compensation or else reschedule your travel dates easily.
  • In the case of natural calamity, if a passenger misses the flight then he gets full compensation, or else the same flight is rescheduled.
  • If your family member has died and that is the reason behind the missing of the flight then you can approach this airline for compensation.

Along with all the points above, you should know that Turkish Airlines delayed flight compensation policy is also there for the benefit of the passengers. You can also get free lounge access in case there is a delay in the flight sometimes. This airline always tries to make the journey of the passengers very exciting.

Can I get a refund if I miss my flight with Turkish Airlines?

If you think you have a genuine reason for missing the flight with this airline then you do not need to worry about thinking about a refund as this airline is a passenger-friendly airline. If you have a query in mind like can I get refund if I miss my flight Turkish Airlines then you should know according to the flight missing policy of this airline you are eligible for a refund in many cases like missing flights due to security checks in the airport, and testing covid positive. Just fill out the refund form and if you are eligible then you will get a refund in 14 working days.


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