What Is American Airlines Baggage Allowance

What Is American Airlines Baggage Allowance

  • 20/07/2022

What Is American Airlines Baggage Policy

American Airlines is one of the prime airlines in the United States and it knows it’s comfortable journey and flexible rules. if you are holding a flight ticket from American airlines. So, you must know about all the rules, guidelines, and policies including the baggage policy. The baggage guidelines help for the additional baggage as well as calculated information about the weightage which you want to carry during the journey. Let’s see the complete information about the baggage policy of American Airlines.

How much does American airline charge for baggage?

American Airlines baggage charges are not fixed, and it considers travelers ticket fare, class, destinations, and the number of bags. For the United States, travelers need approximately 30 US dollars as a checked bag. Otherwise, checked baggage fees are different as per the baggage size, weight, or others such as:

  • Additional Bag fee:

It will vary from passenger to passenger but there are some standards where travelers need to pay 30 to 70 US dollars for the first extra bag and 40 to 100 US dollars for the second additional bag.

  • Oversize bag charges:

If the bag size is not more than 60 to 126 inches or 158 to 320 CM then, travelers need to pay 200 US dollars for one-way.

  • Overweight bag charges:

If the bag weighs between 23 to 32 KG then, the traveler needs to pay 100 US dollars as per the country wise.

Does American Airlines give you a free checked bag?

Yes, the elite members, premium cabin travelers, and even co-branded credit card travelers will get the free checked baggage facility by American Airlines. Also, free checked baggage facilities are available for specific countries like Cuba, Haiti, South America, and some Asian countries where travelers will get one free checked bag for the above-presented countries from the United States.

How many bags can I take on American Airlines for free?

  • For carry-on bags, travelers are permitted 2 free baggage as per the 1 personal & 1 carry baggage.
  • For Checked Baggage, travelers are allowed 2 standard sizes of checked baggage without any cost.

American Airlines baggage allowance:

  • For American Airlines Carry-on baggage allowances are applied to all travelers where who are allowed to carry 1 personal item and 1 standard carry-on bag without any cost.
  • The personal item dimension should be 18 X 15 X 8 Inc. and the standard item should be 22 X 14 X10 Inch.
  • A personal item can be a jacket, diaper bag, assistive devices, duty-free items, and other similar.
  • As per the checked baggage allowances of American Airlines, travelers must adhere to a maximum weight of 23 KG for premium economy and economy class travelers but, it would be 32 KG for first class and business class travelers.
  • Maximum 2 standard size bags are allowed, and it will be up to 10 bags for US domestic travelers.
  • The maximum dimension should not exceed 157 CM.
  • All the sizes and weights consider on LXWXH and Kilograms.

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