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  • 16/11/2022

What Is Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy

Qantas Airways is always known for its simple policies and process that makes it stand out among the rest airlines. This airline has always been there at the top position. This airline has been amazing when it comes to in-flight services. If you are a new passenger and you are not sure about its cancellation policy and process then this is the post that you should go through properly.

Steps To Cancel a Qantas Airways flight easily

If you are looking how to cancel a Qantas Airways flight easily then this is the part you need to go through. The steps are quite simple to understand.

  • First you need to go the official site of this astonishing airline.
  • Then straight move to the “Manage my booking” section.
  • There you can put in the required details like booking reference code, and surname.
  • After that you will get the flight booking details and you can choose which flight booking you want to cancel.
  • Confirm the completion of the cancellation process by paying the required cancellation fee.

These are quite basic steps and you will not face any issues if you follow these steps properly.

Qantas Airways cancellation policy

Qantas Airways cancellation policy is quite strong and supportive for its passengers. There a few points of this policy that you should keep in mind and they are:

  • You can cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking it and you do not need to give any cancellation fee while seeking full refund.
  • If the flight is cancelled due to any issues of this airline you will not need to pay any cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of the flight booking can be done by visiting the official website if the flight booking is done from the same site.

These are the major points of the cancellation policy of this airline that you should never ignore.

Does Qantas have a 24 hours cancellation policy?

Does Qantas have a 24 hour cancellation policy is in the mind of the passengers. The answer to this question is in this part of the post. This airline has actually got a flexible 24 hours cancellation policy to support the passengers.

Qantas Airways cancellation fee

Qantas Airways cancellation fee varies as per the fare type and the distance covered in the journey. It can vary from 100 USD to 500 USD. In case you are cancelling within 24 hours of booking it then you can avoid the cancellation fee.

How to get refund from Qantas Airways?

Are you wondering how to get a refund from Qantas Airways? There are two ways to get a refund from this airline.

  • Contact the customer support team to assist you with refund process.
  • Visit the official website to apply for refund by yourself.

Qantas Airways refund policy makes the refund process very simple that is why as a passenger you never need to have any stress at all. This airline always understands the requirements of the passengers.


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